SPUR Campus-Denver, CO

National Western Center Redevelopment-CSU system

The first urban campus for Colorado State University

Made up of three buildings that focus on food, water and health, the Spur campus was created by a university and offers an education to anyone and everyone. Spur is more than a physical location, it’s a hub – a network – to connect people across the state, region and world. A place to learn of course, but really a place for the public. The buildings will open in 2022.

Hydro Building - Denver, Colorado

Water is the source of all life, and as a headwaters state, Colorado’s water footprint impacts
millions of people in multiple states and Mexico. Water flows much like culture—blurring physical barriers, creating life wherever it reaches, reaching far beyond its origins.

  • 122,000 sf
  • Completion Summer 2022

Vida Building-Denver, Colorado

To live is to be connected—to people, to community, to animals. The Vida building embodies this connectivity between human and animal life, as well as the connectivity of the Spur campus to the diverse cultures and Latinx ties within the surrounding neighborhoods of Globeville and Elyria-Swansea.

  • 114,000 sf
  • Completion Fall 2021

Terra Building-Denver, Colorado

Earth provides the nutrients to feed the world. Terra at the Spur campus brings agriculture to
life, allowing people to understand where their food comes from, the challenges that lie ahead as the global population grows rapidly, and how we can all participate in shaping our food future. The Latin language, while no longer widely spoken, is at the root of many modern words. Much in the same way, traditional farming and the spirit of agriculture has evolved over time, while still serving as a foundation for technology and innovation within modern food systems.

  • 60,000 sf
  • Completion January 2022

Art & Exhibits

  • Location: Animal Health Building Facade
    Artist: Norman Lee (Re:Site Studio), Houston, TX
  • Location: CSU Center Interior
    Artist: Sandra Fettingis, Denver, CO
  • Location: CSU Center Plaza
    Artist: Patrick Marold, Nederland, CO
  • Location: Animal Health interior
    Artist: Priscila De Carvalho, Long Island City, NY
  • Location: Bridge between CSU Center and Water Building
    Artist: Jason Bruges, London, UK
  • Location: Water Building Interior
    Artist: Eric Tillinghast, Alhambra, CA
  • Location: Water Building Alley
    Artist: Anthony Garcia (Birdseed Collective), Denver, CO
  • Location: Water Building Backyard
    Artist: Nikki Pike, Denver, CO

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