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Ashley Stiles - Founder + CEO

Ashley’s Native American heritage has influenced the way she approaches projects and builds teams. Diversity in thought generates stronger results, better ideas and problem solving, and it is far more fun than trying to working alone. The foundation of her career was built in the design world as a landscape architect, focused on luxury resort projects. It is here that she learned from the best, about the importance of delivering positive and memorable customer experiences-to stand out from the competition and drive loyalty.

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Alana Stiles - Social Creative Director

Alana is a driven individual who strives to connect to people through creative means. Her early interests in photography, film making and painting lead her to attend school in Los Angeles, California where she studied product development and marketing, and obtained a Bachelors of Science in Business Management. Alana’s creativity and dedication to detail, allows for the creation of meaningful social content and marketing strategies for the benefit of lifestyle brands.

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Kristin Kirkpatrick - Capital Relations Advisor

Kristin’s favorite thing in the world is bringing people together to solve a problem.  She’s a skilled connector and future leaning strategist who believes in the power of collaboration.  At Tribe, Kristin is thrilled to connect with Tribe’s capital investors to advance our portfolio of projects as well as capital market access for women in real estate development.  Kristin has worked in many industries – higher education, local and federal government, national non-profits, education policy, health care, community health, and transportation systems.  But one thing has been consistent: her belief that when work together, we can create transformative impact. 

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