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Join us for a look into the future of development in Northern Colorado

Successful city and development planning rely on a bounty of partnership between elected officials, real estate developers, tourism, hospitality, higher education, healthcare, transportation, recruitment, and other sectors. The NoCo Trade Mission brings together Northern Colorado’s leadership for collaboration and information exchange in a new host city each year, covering topics such as lessons learned, future ideating, and community fellowship. We look forward to facilitating these important conversations during the fall season each year.

Austin Highlights

The first annual NoCo Trade Mission trip took 50 NoCo attendees to Austin, TX. We learned first-hand how the Texas capital’s top planners and key stakeholders “Keep Austin Weird,” while creating a city and community where everyone wants to be.

Salt Lake City Highlights

The second annual NoCo Trade Mission trip took our trip attendees to Salt Lake City, UT. We immersed ourselves in the entrepreneurial, collaborative spirit of the capital city and enjoyed the place where elevation meets aspiration.

Boise Highlights

Our third NoCo Trade Mission attendees experienced a city for everyone, Boise, ID. We welcomed hearing about the shared parallels between our regions of the country and admired the community’s “do-er” attitude to create a special city identity.

NoCo Trade Mission 2024

The annual NoCo Trade Mission is heading to Raleigh, North Carolina September 25-27th. Each year we host 60 leaders from across the front range to learn, experience and be inspired, with the goal to bring all that we learn back and it apply it here- to ensure that northern Colorado continues to be excellent.

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Incredible connections, I was so impressed by our host city and inspired by ideas that we could bring back to Colorado.

Tiana Kennedy

Colorado State University System

The NoCo Trade Mission is such a well-curated, intentional visit that was meaningful on multiple levels.

Bianca Fisher

Greeley Downtown Development Authority

Northern Colorado has its own unique DNA and demographic strengths. We have exciting challenges and opportunities. There is a transfer of vision and gain in motivation when we see how other communities thrive.

Arlo Richardson

Richmark Companies

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