CSU Spur Campus – Terra – Denver, CO

Placekeeping, Programming & Public Engagement, and Design

A free, public learning destination for everyone.

“The second of three buildings to be delivered, Terra, meaning Earth in Latin, at the Spur campus brings agriculture to life, allowing people to understand where their food comes from, the challenges that lie ahead as the global population grows rapidly, and how we can all participate in shaping our food future. The Latin language, while no longer widely spoken, is at the root of many modern words. Much in the same way, traditional farming and the spirit of agriculture has evolved over time, while still serving as a foundation for technology and innovation within modern food systems.” – CSU Spur

  • 60,000 sf
  • Completed June 2022


Tribe’s role and responsibilities include integration with the CSU team for; design participation, development oversight and direction, placekeeping, art integration, architectural oversight, programming, strategic planning and public engagement.

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