We love workshops

We believe that workshops allow teams to view projects, opportunities and challenges through different lenses. They force us to question our assumptions, and think about the possibilities without limits, without constraints.

How we do it

The Tribe team hosts a multitude of workshops-design charrettes, journey mapping, development procurement, tenanting drivers, art curation, brand development, as well as platform development and roll out strategies.

Workshop Topics

  • Design Charrettes
  • Journey Mapping
  • Development Procurement
  • Tenant Drivers
  • Art Curation
  • Brand Development
  • Messaging Development
  • Launch Strategies


Walking through the experience of each user of CSU System’s future Spur campus at the National Western Center, changed the way our team approached this project. Ashley at Tribe facilitated a journey mapping workshop with our key stakeholders, and we made significant changes to the project because of the insight she and her team shared about the user experience. The workshop utilized consensus-building technology, engaging exercises, and not only kept our group engaged, but we also left the day feeling inspired and energized.

Amy Parsons

Vice Chancellor, CSU System

Tribe, Ashley specifically, has been an influential force on our project. She actively listens to our client and is creative and thoughtful with her ideas and comments. I was very impressed with the Journey Mapping seminar she facilitated for the team. Her use of technology and interactive style made everyone comfortable and created open and honest dialogue. Journey Mapping was an incredibly effective approach in how to think about design through the eyes of various building users. Ashley helped us collect the valuable information we needed to move the project forward.

Jen Cordes
Jennifer Cordes

AIA, Principal, Hord Copeland Macht

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